Entry #2: If He Stay

I never thought I would believe in the quote “If you love him, let him go” but then one day I woke up and everything’s just falling apart. How would you feel when the person you love won’t just ask you but plead you to let him go?

It’s the hardest thing you know, and the most painful truth when I heard him say“let me go please? If I stay, I will just suffer cause I don’t wanna be with you anymore.” Those lines you never thought you would hear from him like “I’m not happy with you anymore”. I didn’t know what else to do but fight for him, for us, because I promised him that no matter what I will never ever give up on him. And he told me that if ever we fight about something I shouldn’t believe the things he’ll say while fighting like “let’s end this”, he told me to always remember, to always hold on that he’ll always choose me over anything or anyone.

Days passed, and I never really gave up on him. I kept on fighting until one day, I realized that he’s got a point. Will I really be happy if he’ll stay knowing that he’s not happy with me anymore? knowing that he’s staying because I never let him live with his choice? No,because all I ever wanted is to make him happy. That’s right, I want him to be happy, so even if it means that I’m not part of his happiness anymore, or even if it means I’m not the reason of his happiness anymore, then I would have to accept that. I would have to give him that. If it’s the last thing I could give to make him happy, then I will, because I love him.

Even if it means that his happiness costs me a broken heart.   

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