Gayle Forman

This is the 2nd time I attended and participated a book signing event in my whole life, and I’m looking forward for more of it in the coming future.

I feel so lucky to have Gayle Forman come to Cebu, since in the past years the authors only have their visits in Manila. I think this is an indication that the number of book readers in Cebu are growing, that makes me even happier! haha

Gayle is the author of New York Times Bestselling Young Adult novel

  • if i stay
  • where she went
  • just one day
  • just one year

Other books:

  • You Can’t Get There From Here: A Year On the Fringes of a Shrinking World
  • Sisters in Sanity

Hours before Gayle Forman arrived

Hours before Gayle Forman arrived

The Book Signing was held inside the National Bookstore in Ayala Center Cebu.


She expressed her delight with the Filipino people who reached her through social media from the “other side of the country” [as what she described Philippines’ location in the map] asking her to come visit the Philippines.


Gayle was asked a few questions regarding her life as a journalist before she became a Young Adult author. We learned that this isn’t the first time Gayle came to the country, since she was 17 she traveled a lot as a freelance journalist, until she married her husband, Nick and had her first child.


Gayle shared her pseudonym she used in the previews writings she had.


Basically, Gayle said that if i stay is in fact her third novel, though most articles would say that it’s her first.

Bubbly Gayle signing my books!!

Bubbly Gayle signing my books!!



My best friend and me decided to give Gayle a souvenir that will remind her about her visit here in Cebu, Philippines during the Sinulog for her book signing event. We found this native Pen Holder with Philippines in it and her name with it written in front as to personalize it. The guitar was perfect because in the novel if i stay and where she went Mia was a cellist.

It’s one of the unforgettable Meet and Greet Book signing event I have experienced. 🙂

For more of Gayle Forman you can reach her through these links

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