Becca Fitzpatrick

Photo 3-30-14, 2 10 14 PMEvery book signing event is unforgettable for me, but this is something different because we had more friends who came with us. Who am I kidding? The first book of Hush hush Saga has long been part of young adult/paranormal/romance readers since 2009. In fact one of my closest friend, Anne, started reading the book when she was still in high school and now that we’re all in college, we’re still in love with Patch (*drooling* over here). I know I have always believed in Princes, but I just can’t help but be drawn to a sexy bad boy like Patch. *giggles*

ith two of my best girls in the world 🙂 hashtag We Love You Patch! Take off your shirt ! (haha okay the last part was really just from me)


We were [as usual] early because the registration starts at 10 am, and we wanted to be in the first batch. So, while waiting…


because I’m forever yours Patch ♥

Before the signing started, Becca was interviewed by the NBS representative and she also entertained some questions from the readers.

Photo 3-30-14, 8 39 31 PM

I actually have videos for Becca’s interview. You can check my YouTube Channel’s Playlist of Book Signing events.

Photo 3-30-14, 8 39 45 PM

Becca Fitzpatrick is New York Times best selling author of the young adult literature and romance novel, Hush hush and she has a new book, Black Ice coming out this October 7,2014. According to Becca, this new book doesn’t have the same paranormal genre with Hush hush but would still surely involve sexy bad guys like Patch.

Photo 3-30-14, 8 40 58 PM

Becca had a surprise for the two earliest fans who registered. They were given a copy of Black Ice, Becca’s newest book that would be publish this October 2014. Lucky them huhu

Photo 3-30-14, 8 40 06 PM

Photo 3-30-14, 8 40 12 PM

I love this photo of me and Becca laughing haha OMG

Book 1 ♥

More of Becca Fitzpatrick and her awesome books

Not only that we had more friends who came with us to the event, but we also found new ones! and they even started a book club for Cebuano bookworms like us. I have always dreamed to be part of a book club and now it’s really happening! If you’re a Cebuano, a bookworm and wants to meet people who reads the books you read, people who feels the way you feel about books, and to have more fun in participating book signing events here in Cebu, come and join us On The Same Page-Cebu Facebook Group. 🙂

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