Tahereh Mafi

The latest book signing event I participated, still a big thanks to National Book Store, was a bit different from other book signing because they invited not only Tahereh Mafi, but there are other two more authors at the same time. And because, Janine and I were late HAHA the registration time was 10 am as usual, but when we got there just before 10, there already was a long long long line, we even thought that there were no chairs left for us to sit, but fortunately we did, And unfortunately it wasn’t that near from the stage. But at least we were able to see them and listen to their story.

Tahereh Mafi is the author of Shatter Me trilogy, which is a dystopian young adult New York Times Best seller novel. She just got married with Ransom Riggs, author of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children who also was invited by the NBS to do the book signing together with Tahereh and Veronica Rossi.


Among all the events hosted by NBS, I learned that though its fun to have three authors at the same time but it was kind of chaotic or disorganized, and I don’t really like it. Look at that photo of me and Tahereh, we were so far compared to other authors I was able to have a picture with, and I’ve been obsessing about this photo and how far I am from her the moment I saw it!. I wasn’t able to talk to her too 😦 I’m used to talking to authors and making small talks with them every book signing. But it was okay because at least I’ve seen Tahereh in person, and she’s so beautiful and got a really cute and beautiful voice.

One more thing, the books to be signed were only limited to 4 books for all three authors! And they didn’t even warned us beforehand. It really upset me because I expected that all 8 books by the three authors would be signed, but again I am trying to look at the positive side to all of this that at least I had the chance to see them and let them sign my book. I decided that of all three books by Tahereh, Ignite Me is my favorite of all [okay all three were my favorite but still].

More of Tahereh Mafi 

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