Drag Me to Happiness

In the summer of 2010 I thought I learned my lesson, you probably heard this story gazillion times but let me just continue [haha] So,  that summer I said to myself that I will never allow myself to trust people ever again besides my blink. Summer of 2011 I recited the same thing again, I said I can never afford to be betrayed because of friendship and so I will walk inside this college building and won’t let myself be attach to anyone but it all changed when months before the summer of 2012 a huge twist in my story came, and without being aware of it I’ve given you every piece of trust I tried so hard to keep for myself, but still it was a struggle because when I realized what I did I was scared cause I know you already have your own set of bffs and I’m scared they would get mad at me, BUT as you can see we are all happy now [haha] and I already explained to you all about it.  You know, sometimes I wonder that God really works in His own mysterious way. That twist in my life proved me that no man is an island, and it was also like a turning point where God showed me that you are far from the people I once trusted before.  I have always thought that having my heart broken was a blessing in disguise, because I may have lost someone but I have gained you, and maybe sometimes it would look like I love him more because I always whine about him and everything but you are my best friend and you are as important to me as he is. And if ever I am given a chance to change things, I will never, because me and him might made history together but you my dear loser best friend, were there with me to live my present and do crazy things together. image You do get so moody sometimes [I do too haha], and sometimes I don’t know how to make you feel better. We are so alike but at the same time so different that it’s so hard for me to guess what I’d do to make you happy. But I hope you know that I’m always here literally and not literally here and Always. image   I know you know we could be ninjas and spies together, or a gymnast? image Uhh..forget about being a gymnast. Maybe I could have some of your allergies if you like… image Yeah, I changed my mind about your allergies. Though I’m sure I could be fat, and you can die trying HAHA image Okay I am sure you are gonna kill me with those killer photos but we could agree that you do have the skills of dressing our books [and I Don’t and that’s not because I’m lazy, I just can’t do it] image Okay enough of the pictures, because there are just too many of them and it will take forever if I post them all. There are just a lot of things I wanna tell you and sometimes I’m too ashamed to admit it but I know that with just one look you’ll be able to guess what it is all about, sometimes I just begin a sentence and you already know, and I love that I don’t have to say those things for you to get it. I’m thankful to have someone like you who never judge the crazy decisions I make and so thankful to have someone who can frankly tell me when I’m already headed to the wrong direction yet not trying to rule over my decisions. You don’t know how grateful I am to have you Loser. Haha image Other people brought happiness to my life, for me to consume, but as time flies that light they have given had ran out [because I ate them lol], but you Loser…well..you did not just brought happiness with you. You drag my lazy ass to happiness where I could lay down and consume it all as much as I want, and it will never ran out. Thanks to you haha I’m surprised you were able to carry my heaviness and..I did try so hard not to say these words all along but…I can’t stop it image

Happy happy Birthday mam!!!! OMG!

I gave you the ugliest letter in the world last year, so ugly that even the most hard working historian who will find it in the future would be disgusted, so I tried the modern way and besides I always wonder when will I ever be able to write about my parabatai. 

Hugs && Kisses

the hottest ever.