• Author: Alexis Bass
  • Published: December 29, 2015
  • ISBN:9780062275356
  • Read: December 28, 2015
  • Rating: ♥♥♥
  • Source: e-ARC

A year and a half ago, Amanda Tart’s brother got behind the wheel drunk and killed his best friend. Today, he’s coming home from prison.
Amanda’s been the one living with the fallout, made worse by her brother’s recent unapologetic TV interview. People think he’s a monster. Still, she loves him. It’s her dark secret, until she starts getting close to Henry again–whose sister is paralyzed from the accident.

A year and a half ago, her brother destroyed his life. Now Amanda has to decide if she’ll let his choice destroy hers.


I received an advance digital reader’s copy but this does not affect or influence my review.

The book revolves around Amanda and how she copes with the mistakes his older brother committed. I enjoyed their relationship as siblings, I actually envy them for the obvious affection they have for each other, the sad thing was Jonathan was supposed to be the one who protects his little sister instead of Amanda the one trying to do the right thing for his older brother. The story did backed up the title itself, on how broken the people in it were, about how What’s broken between us could be fixed or healed. What I love about the book was that despite of the darkness that eats you up, and even if they are all depressing because the story just keeps on going round and round, there was still humor and there was even one chapter that got me really giddy and made me smile so wide my cheeks hurt.

We leave behind a million selves, a herd of them who have moved on without us, making different decisions. The worse things get, the more I think about those selves and wonder if their lives are turning out better than mine.

The book was so short I thought it could be called only as novella, I also think that it’s a bit hanging on Jonathan’s part, but to change a person really needs time so I’m assuming that was the whole point of the author on how she ended Jonathan’s part right there.

I was happy on how it all ended, I enjoyed how the story was written, that the author didn’t laid all the information on the table and it keeps you asking about what really happened, but what’s lacking in the book was that maybe it was too fast, too short, too close. Close meaning too closed off from other details, it’s like the book was written in a rush to end it.

The way he sticks up for her makes my bones ache, like they’ve shattered into a million pieces and I’m going to whoosh into the ground any second.

I will recommend this book if you’re looking for just a short read at the moment. Also, if you enjoyed My Heart and Other Black hole by Jasmine Warga, The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider, or All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.


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