Entry #21: Tomorrow isn’t ours

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.

January 6th. The date doesn’t really ring a bell. It’s not my birthday or a special someone’s anniversary. Actually, I have a scheduled quizzes and deadline that day which aren’t reasons for me to be excited about, but suddenly that specific date seems really appealing to me. I don’t think I could restfully sleep tonight, but I know tomorrow I’d feel better than I did for the past nights.

Few days ago, I couldn’t figure out why I was looking forward to that day. I think I do now.

You want me to be honest? The answer is as clear as day. You. You’ll be back by then.
There, I said it.

It’s been a long time when I thought of our paths crossing again since that incident when I saw you months ago and pretended I didn’t. It just never occurred to me again that I would want to see you, and I still don’t. I’m not hoping to bumped into you at the mall or at a café, you’re probably not going to attend your classes tomorrow, jet lagged maybe? I just feel relieved to know that you’re still in the same continent as I am. I’ve got no plans to reach out to you, or see you or whatever. I don’t know why but it comforts me to know that you’re just around.

to know that you do exist, and you’re real. As real as you were once in my life before.


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