Readathon: The Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows Duology

So this month’s reading marathon is *drum roll* LEIGH BARDUGO‘s THE GRISHA TRILOGY + SIX OF CROWS DUOLOGY. Which I’m pretty sure most of us are very familiar with when scrolling through our Goodreads newsfeed or maybe like me you’ve been recommended with or maybe you’ve seen all these as best sellers in book stores and online. Read up and don’t worry it’s SPOILER FREE!

The Grisha Trilogy

I heard a lot of great things about this trilogy, there were a lot of people who recommended me this book and I couldn’t help but have a high expectation. I also couldn’t miss the fact that the Duology Six of Crows is SO popular recently and that it’s all the bookstagrammers and book blogs are talking about. Fortunately for me, I have zero idea about both series by Leigh Bardugo. I always tend to avoid spoilers and reading the synopsis of the book before I read it especially when it is so popular. As much as possible I avoid the reviews because I don’t want any of it to affect my judgment of the book. So here I’m gonna list the points I like and didn’t like about this book.

What I like about it. The whole concept of being a Grisha! The first book of the series came out way back 2012 and for some reasons during that time most trending concepts and genres were like this, fantasy, dystopian, fallen angels, and vampires. The big but here is the idea of being a Grisha who are the practitioners of the small science which is the art of manipulating the matter and whatnots according to the book but in my own understanding its just plain powers really. You could be a Grisha even if your parents are ordinary people, or you could be an ordinary person even if one or both parents are grisha. So, you know it’s so cool! and that made it different from other books. Another thing I like is the Darkling’s mysteriousness, Sturmhond’s identity, Zoya’s and others’  character development, Mal’s and Alina’s gradual relationship growth, Alina’s transition from having been ordinary to extraordinary. I like how the Darkling’s character was written wherein you totally know you should (and you do! really) hate him yet why the heck do I feel like I also wanna know him more at the same time. That’s insane but that is how it made me feel. I also enjoyed the twist and turn of events, especially the different adventures they had. Oh and don’t forget the maps. Maps are very important.

What I didn’t like about it. When I started the second book I got bored through the frist chapter until I think fourth chapter? I don’t know, there was just nothing going on but then I met the great Strumhond so I got hooked again but I ended up having lots of questions about the events that happened and the purpose of the new and old characters. I finished the whole trilogy with more questions than I did when I started reading. I also didn’t feel like each of the characters were given the ending they deserve. I wanna point an important thing here, Alina’s character development was poor. She got really annoying, and her choices were very mainstream. It’s like looking at something from miles away yet you could clearly see what she’s doing as if you’re just a few steps away from her. It was so predictable, and she was so predictable and selfish. Alina and Mal became so cheesy and far from being realistic. The main twist of the story isn’t something so shocking, I already had predictions or feelings about it. Also, it was never explained or defined what Alina wanted or felt towards the Darkling, or the Darkling towards Alina, or just what was that something between them. It didn’t made a strong backstory or explanations regarding the Priest and his intentions or motives in making people believe that she’s a Saint or something.


All this is my personal opinion and I do not intend to offend the fans of Grisha Trilogy because I’ve read this series four years later when it was published and I’ve already read lots of books, especially fantasy books like this so my judgment probably is different from the fans who gave 5 stars for this series. I just wish that I read this before so that I was able to just enjoy it and not compare it to other books with more solid backstories. But I gave this whole trilogy a three stars. 

Six of Crows + Crooked Kingdom

Have you voted for Crooked Kingdom in Goodreads yet? I bet you already did! I’m gonna list my top 3 reasons why I love this duology.

  1. Kaz

  2. MaTthias

  3. Kaz

Okay I’m only half kidding about Kaz but anyway, let’s see the points I didn’t like about the book: First, Nothing; Second, I really couldn’t think of anything; and Third, I’m just gonna sit here and wait for a miracle of a *fingers crossed* third book.

Alright let’s be serious. I love this duology. This book was written so much better than the previous grisha books Leigh Bardugo made. From the sequence of events to the character progress and the twists and suprises. IT IS AMAZING. The book was just unpredictable, the decisions of the characters are so crazy and their dialogues are so funny! Everyone are doing something significant. Noone is way better than the other. The plot twists are brilliant! They all have stories to tell. Each of them contributed to the whole thing and I don’t how the author did that and how she could insert the past/flashbacks/history of one person then back again to the present time. And the ending gave justification to the characters.


I don’t think my foresight about the book was enough for you guys to understand how inlove I am with this duology and yes I am being obviously bias here but if you read this then hopefully you’ll feel the same way. This two are BIG BOOKS (that’s one thing to start haha), who doesn’t love big books? by the way, check out my review of Crooked Kingdom on Goodreads for my theory about Nina and Matthias which I’m not gonna share here because it’s a SPOILER FREE zone. 


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