Monthly Wrap-up: JANUARY 2017

This might be a bit late but it was a busy month for me because of midterms and deadlines. Now, here we are in the 2nd month of 2017! but for the first time I’m gonna make a monthly wrap-up because I have an extra time for that kind of things now haha So, I marked 4 books as Read on Goodreads this month. I’m happy even if it is composed of 50% poetry because despite of my busy schedule I was still able to read and write reviews.



by Courtney Peppernell

The poetry book that became my companion every night because it has different parts that you could choose to. So the reader could just easily skip the chapters that doesn’t really reflect the current mood of the reader. 


by Dawn Lanuza

Another poetry book that I’m obsessing about! I almost bookmarked every page of this book. This is the kind of poetry that doesn’t need solving because it is all there, simple yet it just hits the bull’s eye of your heart. #MajorFEELS



by Miranda Kenneally

This book is about Maggie whose only goal is to be part of the Olympics Swimming competition. Everything was going well until she went to a college visit which made her realize that she doesn’t want to miss the “typical” high school experience. Her best friend and also a star swimmer, Levi is the only person she could think of to help her learn and experience these things. The only problem is, will it affect their friendship?


by Rhiannon Thomas

This book is certainly going on my favorites for fantasy novels! This is a story of a noble girl, Freya, who is so wrapped up in her love for science. She was planning to invent something so she could travel the world and learn more, but then something happened and the next thing she knew is that she became Queen. Freya needs to find the person responsible for doing something that lead her in this position. 


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