UNBOXING: Beyond Bookish + Keep the Faith Giveaway Prize


Last last weekend felt like one of the best days of my bookish life because I received two book mails in one day, this may be an ordinary thing for other book bloggers and readers out there but at that time I was a bit blue for days and I needed something that would cheer me up. The first box I received was my first ever subscription box, Beyond Bookish Box which is a local quarterly subscription box and also very new. It was actually like a trial and error for me, but I wanna give it a chance since anything new and bookish are very appealing to me. If I’m not mistaken this is also the launching of their first box so some factors that needs improvement are probably understandable.

What’s inside. The box contained a Trade Paperback book, a candle, a mug, and bookmarks. I already know that the book would be Replica by Lauren Oliver because sadly I saw a spoiler post which how I learned about the box anyway. I was still excited though because when I first heard about that book through abookutopia, I instantly liked it. The Reading mug that I specially ordered came in broken but they instantly messaged me back that they would send me a new one. The hand poured soy candle collection I got was their Bubblegum scent in red with A Midsummer Days Memories label. I got four bookmarks including the calligraphy of my name and the bookmark-like name of the book.

What I love. I already love the book so that department is already safe. I also love the candle because it smells like the scent I expected it too –  Bubblegum – I did ask them to make it a milder scent which I think they did a good job at. I easily get nauseated when it comes to sweet scents (or any scent at all), that’s why I’m really careful when I choose scented stuff. I also like most of the bookmarks, my favorite is the calligraphy of my name in it, I just didn’t expect they would make one for me and even if I did know that, it was still a really good handmade craft. My second favorite bookmark is the back-to-back butterfly wing logo of Replica cause it looks so cool and as if it came out of the book.

What needs to improve. To be honest, I expected so much about the box, like literally The Box but then it turned out to be full of packaging tapes on the edges although I appreciate the logo in front I did have a high expectation for its physical presentation. I also think that they need to put the mug on a bubble wrap, which should be given because it’s fragile but I don’t know why they didn’t think of that ahead. Another factor that needs improvement is the quality of the printed bookmarks. I am very particular when it comes to pixels, so hopefully next time they could make HD printed bookmarks. Lastly -still on the same path I mentioned about printing quality – the candle labels should also be in HD. The customer service is excellent because they really entertained my questions and concerns, they also reply immediately but the shipping took weeks. I just didn’t get any specifics in that department on what date it would approximately arrive at my place. I hope they would be more specific about it next time so I would know when to expect it.

Thoughts. Personally, I think the cost of the box is so worth it considering I received lots of stuff. I would rate this box 2 out of 5 stars, hopefully they would improve on their upcoming second box. For now, I am a satisfied first time consumer and would probably avail the next box.

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I won! Yes, I won another giveaway, I am kinda lucky in that field. Honestly, I forgot the moment that I joined this giveaway but I’m really thankful for this one. Keep the Faith by Ana Tejano is a contemporary romance/ new adult novel written by a Filipino author. This book was published last July 2016, this is Ana Tejano’s latest book.

What’s inside. A signed copy of Keep the Faith book, a sweet short note from the author, a foldable romance class fan, three bookmarks, a romance class logo pin, a post card, and two quotes stickers.

What I love. I don’t usually read books written by local authors – but I do read some – because most genres that are published fell on the Teens and they appear really cheesy to me but this one is New Adult, the synopsis also got me hooked which is the reason why I read it immediately. The printing and cover of the book is also classy which is a huge factor for me as a reader, I know they said never judge a book by its cover but I can’t help it. I love the swag that the author added, like the bookmarks that portrays the author’s two previous books. I love pins too, especially now that they’re not so popular anymore. I’m so happy to add the romance class logo pin to my collection (specifically, Team Edward, Jacob’s a Dog pin haha)

Thoughts. I never thought that I would enjoy this book, I would definitely post my review soon. This book actually changed my mind regarding the other published books that are written by local authors. I am excited to try Ana Tejano’s and other Filipino author’s other books. I could see myself promoting other romance class novels in the future.

2 thoughts on “UNBOXING: Beyond Bookish + Keep the Faith Giveaway Prize

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    I think bc of the popularity of book boxes, everyone has their hand in the market.
    I don’t know how much this one cost, but unless it was $10, the value just doesn’t seem there. Not with the printing quality: I can tell what you’re saying about the pixels from here. It’s a shame.
    But I hope you like Replica! I still need to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

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