Book Club: The Reading Frenzy – BOTM

The Reading Frenzy is a book club/ Goodreads group dedicated to reading and doing fun challenges as well as read-alongs! Every month there will be a new book and challenge to discuss with other members!

For the month of April, through the poll, the Book of the Month is *drum roll* A COURT OF MIST AND FURY by Sarah J. Maas in anticipation of the upcoming release of the third book from the series, A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN.

I was so happy when I received the message that the BOTM is ACOMAF since it was what I’ve been planning to do. Reread the ACOTAR first, then proceed to ACOMAF and wait for May 2nd to read ACOWAR! I finished rereading ACOTAR for two days, the following schedule was given by the group for the ACOMAF read along but I don’t know if I would really follow it because if I finish the book before the week ends that would just be great!!!

Book Schedule:
Week 1 [(04/08/17)-(04/15/17)]: Chapters 1-23
Week 2 [(04/15/17)-(04/22/17)]: Chapters 24-47
Week 3 [(04/22/17)-(05/1/17)]: Chapters 25-69

If you guys are [re]reading the epic ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas as well let me know below and we could discuss (with spoilers! *haha*). Who else are excited for ACOWAR and what’s about to come in the land of Prythian?

Check out my upcoming Readathon post for this series, but beware for it’s full of spoilers.


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