UNBOXING: The Rustic Library – Limited Edition Candles

Here’s another unboxing although I didn’t actually included the box in this post. You’ve probably notice the glittery candles on my Readathon: ACOTAR + ACOMAF post, they’re actually from The Rustic Library and proudly made in the Philippines.

This is another first for me, I don’t usually buy candles and yes it took me weeks to finally make up my mind about having these. These are the Rhysand and Feyre Limited Edition candles. You read it right, limited, but I took my time thinking about it *haha* I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to avail them but they extended the time to order because of the delayed tin cans for the production and I was so happy I grabbed the opportunity to finally have my own.

On their instagram and old label (since they changed it recently, and I think I was part of the new batch because mine’s font style is different now – I told you I only got a second chance here haha) it says that the Feyre candle smells like Roses, Vanilla, and Woods. I have to say, it really smells like roses! I love that smell so for you guys who doesn’t like the rose scent, this is probably not for you.

On the other hand, our High Lord of the Night Court has the Jasmin, Vanilla, and Mist scent. Guess what? I didn’t even lit it up I could smell it half way across the room (of course this happens when you remove the cover *serious face*)

The size of the candles is 3.5 oz and I believe they could now ship internationally. For my rating, I’m giving this a perfect 10! or 5 out of 5 stars, whichever you prefer. I LOVE THE CANDLES. The labels are in high definition (which sadly don’t happen most of the time when you order in the PH), it looks really pretty, and smells really good. Yep, I’m totally obsessed with it. I might not even burn these candles…because they’re gorgeous, what kind of evil queen would I be if do that?


I’m also eyeing those Harry Potter candles they offer, and I think I might give in to it soon. Check it out @therusticlibrary on IG, they also offer free shipping (PH only) if you order through Shopee. 

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