Monthly Wrap-up: APRIL 2017

Hello Readers! Another month came and went, but this is a special wrap-up because I had a reading marathon with one of my favorite authors of.all.time. then after reading that particular series I immediately experienced a book hangover and book slump because it was all just too much and the standard is currently too high to start something with the same genre. On the other hand, it’s not just the reading marathon that made this month special but I also found an inspirational book that shifted my perspective (in a good way) so there’s that. I’m not gonna make this long, I’ll just list it all down below.

I found this poetry book through a local author, she tweeted a quote from this book and generously gave me the title! This was supposed to be part of poetry night that I usually host on my site but … *yep I got distracted for awhile so I wasn’t able to post any poetry night entry* But I believe I rated this book four out of five stars.

Other Breakable Things is a story of friendship, a shift from platonic relationship to a romantic one, a very controversial issue about someone’s right to preserve his/her own life, and family issues. A very beautiful but sad story with a justified ending. Perfect for fans of Fault in Our Stars, My heart and Other black hole, and All the Bright Places. 

Just looking at the gorgeous cover of Nina LaCour’s novel would make you pick this book up and buy it, but there was more to it than that breathtaking and dramatic cover. We Are Okay is a story of dealing with depression, grief, friendship, and betrayal. Most of all, it is a story of love and forgiveness. This is a short read but it brought me to tears.

Do you know how it feels like when you fall in love with the same person as if it’s the first time? I don’t either but well, that’s how it probably feels like when I reread ACOTAR. It seems like meeting an old friend but you see them as someone new, like they’ve grown and you grew up too. THIS IS A MUST READ BEFORE YOU START ACOMAF or ACOWAR! Rereading this made me notice a lot of things I didn’t notice before and now I had more questions (which were answered in acomaf).

THIS IS THE BEST SECOND-BOOK-IN-A-SERIES EVER! We all know that every 2nd book in a series (not all, but most of them) sucks! Like the characters would be parted, someone would die and whatsoever. But this book? THIS BOOK BROKE ME. THIS BOOK RUINED ME. and now, I’m left here thinking there could be no other books in the same line like this one would be able to surpass my love for this.

Now, don’t judge the book by its title. This is an inspirational, true to life experiences, and a story of faith. A book written by the creator of The Single Woman blog. Through this book and Mandy Hale’s experiences, I could see my experiences now in a new perspective, I see life with a new pair of eyes. This is must-have of every woman, a book we could revisit from time to time to find inspiration in everything we do and to learn to love ourselves.

The Dead Inside is the last book I read in the month of April. It is a memoir by Cyndy Etler when she was 14 years old, homeless, and was brought to a drug rehabilitation centre which turned out to be worse than prison. Heartbreaking story of a child, and a scary  one that showed that there are horrible things adults could do because of an irrational belief. This is a story of survival and bravery.

Okay, so there you have it. I read seven books all in all, a number which is way better than I did last month. Have you read any of the books I read this month? What do you think of my monthly picks? If you want to check out my reading marathon for April, just click here be mindful that it is FULL of Spoilers.

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