UNBOXING: Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox – May Subscription Box


Hello everyone! I know it’s not May anymore, I apologize for posting this review weeks later but it’s summer so I had a lot of spontaneous vacation but anyway here is the second subscription box I ever purchased (If you want to know more about the first time I ordered from a sub box just click here). This is owned by Mr. Pouts and Ms. Fluffs, another Filipino subscription box. They just recently opened, and this May was their first release and I’m so happy that I got to be part of the first batch! I had so much expectation from them and if it met my expectations, you’ll know that..so just read on!

Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox is a monthly subscription box that features a different new released books per month including lots of book merch like scented candles, drawstring bags, book marks, etc. They also post the theme for the next month and reveal some of the items and collaboration with other local stores that makes us book readers excited!

For the month of May, the theme is A Sparkle of Hope and I’m particularly excited because they already hinted us before that there would be some items that are perfect for ACOWAR fans and BATB due to the showing of the BATB film from the previous month.

What’s inside. Before I indulge you with all the things inside, I’d like to acknowledge the BOX itself, because it’s honestly not just pretty but also useful! *FYI, I hoard boxes, cute little boxes from Japanese stores, but this one has this classic look with it that makes me want to put love letters inside* Okay now that we settled that let’s proceed to what consist the box. When I open the box I found an ownership card with my name on it, and I.just.love.it. I felt really special and the font was just perfect, it makes me love my name more, if that’s possible. Next, there is the packing list with the background and title of the theme for this month, listed their are: ACOWAR-inspired bookish scented candle, galaxy-inspired bathbomb, magnetic bookmark, Beauty and the Beast’s Rose in Dome glass replica, ACOWAR-themed poster, Geekerella bookmark, bookish button pin, Pouts and Fluffs quote button pin, temporary tattoostar-themed vial key chain, and of course the Book of the Month, Geekerella.

Magnetic bookmark by @camlin_ph

Geekerella-themed printed bookmark by @poutsandfluffs.ph

A Beauty and the Beast themed Temporary Tattoo

What I love. Isn’t it obvious? ACOWAR candle is my favorite! obviously, but let’s talk about the subscription box. I love that they went beyond the usual thank you card, they really made an ownership card, like I mentioned above. the BOTM of course is a new release so that’s a plus, the point of subscription boxes are to give us the latest stuff out there. I like the bookmarks, they’re all in great quality, as well as the poster. I’ve mentioned from my past unboxing that I’m very particular with pixels and high quality print outs/labels.

What needs to improve. This is not really a huge thing but I was hoping that some of the book merch I would receive are useful? I don’t know maybe a mug or something? I just don’t see the whole point of the temporary tattoo, that’s why I’m ranting about usefulness. Generally speaking, I don’t think there is something so significant that has to improve.

Galaxy-inspired bathbomb by @balneumph

ACOWAR-inspired bookish scented candle by @thebookflame

Thoughts. So far, this box is far from disappointment considering this is their first box and first everything! I love the box and I would probably order for the next month. Although, the box is a bit pricey they do have discount codes tho. I just hope they would lower the price a bit *HAHA* I would rate this box as 3.7 out of 5 stars based on the contents for the current box. I’m expecting this to be a 5 star sub box next month so watch out, they’re probably just getting started.

BOTM: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Follow or visit Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox on instagram, facebook, and their site.

P.S. I would like to make a shout out for The Book Flame, your candle is amazing!!!!!  

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