Monthly Wrap-Up: MAY and JUNE 2017

Hello Readers! I haven’t been posting book reviews because I was living a Hannah Montana life *haha* I’ll try to make a different post about that soon. Anyway, I decided to make a wrap-up for the last two months since most of the readings I did was a reread. I will be posting reviews soon of the books listed below because there were two books that intensely stirred some emotions that I didn’t know possible.


The first one I read for the month of May was not really a full book, it was a novella that I’ve been meaning to read after I had my Shadowhunters readathon few months ago (or maybe it was a year ago). It is the After the Bridge by Cassandra Clare. I don’t know if you’ve read the Shadowhunters series, or if you’re done with The Infernal Devices but this image right here might be very spoiler-y (I’m so sorry!) but a brief background for this novella, this is about what happened after the bridge (obviously) scene found on the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess. This was set after the Heavenly Fire in the TMI series, around 2008 as a rough estimate.

Next on the list is Summer Feels which I’ve participated for the blog tour. It is a summer anthology written by different local authors. The stories were set in the Philippines which I enjoyed so much! I even rated the different stories separately because there were stories that are a favorite. Reading this felt like I was making different stops to different Philippines tourist spots.

Okay, the next books are the fruit of my Rereads because of the most anticipated – and very surprising sequel to TATBILB. I have to read this book again to really get the full experience. So, the first one is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. I never thought that I would still feel the same reading this even though three years has already passed. Kavinsky still held my heart strongly!

After finishing the first book in the expected duology, I immediately started P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han. I know that I’ve mentioned Kavinsky holding my heart but then I realized, as much as I did three years ago, McClaren holds my soul, but we all know what happened so I have to let it go now. 

Finally, the book that caused me to reread the series sooner than expected, Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. When Jenny Han came to the Philippines, she mentioned this book being a duology only so I didn’t expect a third one but here it is. I am so nervous to start this book, but I got through it. This book focuses on Kavinsky and LJ’s senior year and road to college. It was really thrilling, and I felt sad throughout the book cause it really feels like a goodbye. All goodbyes are sad. I am both happy and lonely about having a third book for the series.


I only have a short list for June, first up is Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson recommended by my super friend of @thethoughtsbehind. Remind me to define the word Crazy for you because this book is full of it! This is written through the perspective of a 17 year old girl who was put to prison since she was 9 years old because she “allegedly” killed a baby. This is one roller coaster ride, and beautifully written mystery and thriller book. Absolutely a must-read!

The second book I read for this month is Sad Girls by Lang Leav which is another definition of CRAZY. I expected so much from Lang Leav, she didn’t disappoint of course. I said it before and I’m saying it again, I wanted to throw this book across the room many times even until the last page. You should be reading this to understand my feelings. The writing was soooo good, my problem is the main character and the other one involved, but that’s just because..oh just read it.

The last book I read which is another reread for June is a fruit of my intended reading marathon for TOG series, The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas a compilation of 5 different novellas of Celaena Sardothien’s life before she was caught by the Erilea’s King. I’ve read this book two years ago but my favorite is still The Assassin and the Red Dessert wherein the best adventures and heart-wrenching friendship was formed. This is going to be postponed for a few weeks because I am going to pick up (finally) ACOWAR first since I did some readathon few months back for the ACOTAR series.


That is all for the last two months, I am hoping to make up for it this July but I don’t see that happening because it’s almost half of the month and I am still struggling to insert reading on my schedule. I also have to make up for the book reviews that are pending on my drafts folder, this is going to be a crazy month. Hopefully you guys are catching up with your Goodreads challenge better than I do. If you’ve read any of the books mentioned above, let me know what you think on the comments below. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: MAY and JUNE 2017

  1. ravenblake99 says:

    I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed above but I really want to read To all the boys I’ve loved before. I’ve heard great things about it. Anyways, I hope you have an awesome July and happy reading! 🙂


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