UNBOXING: Love and Gravity Giveaway Prize

This post has been pending for soooooo long, I am ashamed of myself! I just found this on my Drafts and realized how lazy I am for postponing to post this. I just have to do this since it’s been 9 months since I received this package and was so over the moon! 

Here’s a short back story on my fangirling for Samantha Sotto. A few years back when I was still in high school, I’ve read the synopsis of her book BEFORE EVER AFTER at the bookstore and I really wanted to buy it but at that time I was so obsessed with Vampires (never the werewolves) that it was not my priority, besides the book was pricey for me at that moment considering it was only in paperback (now, I realized that the price was actually fitting since it’s an Adult book). Years later, when I was in College I finally found a chance to buy her book and when I finished it I just said to myself that the book was totally worth the wait!

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Hence, my obsession with Love & Gravity, Samantha Sotto’s most recent book. I joined a social media giveaway by the author and surprisingly I won! It’s a Pandora Infinity Ring which has a significant symbolism that you’ll find out on the book.  When I received the mail with a Card (plus Samantha Sotto’s handwritten message), I was sooo happy!!! I posted it everywhere on my social media.

Processed with VSCO with h1 preset Love and Gravity was published last February 7, 2017. When I finished this book, it was then announced that a Spotify playlist for the book was made so I listened to the music again and again and again. If it’s possible, I understood it more because of the music.

Processed with VSCO with h1 preset

I actually won the giveaway first before I received the ARC of Love and Gravity, so at first I didn’t really know what the ring stands for until I read the book. You can read my Love & Gravity Review here. But here’s a heads up: I.LOVE.THE.BOOK. When I was just a few pages away from the last page I actually had goosebumps! ugh. I don’t know if I was naive that I didn’t see it coming or maybe it was just how it would make you feel when you realized what you’ve been reading about.

Processed with VSCO with h1 preset

Here’s the actual screenshot I took when I won!!! Yep, it was already late at night when I learned about it haha

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