There’s a new Cafe in town that’s perfect for bibliophiles! It just recently opened in Cebu, PH and I went there late June (I don’t know why I still bother to write this post when I’m pretty sure most of you have already heard about this place but in my defense this post has been sitting on my backlogs for months now. I can’t just let this go *haha*). The place is actually near National Book Store which make it more perfect and fitting for us readers right? But here’s another treat from them, they have shelves and shelves of books that you could borrow while you’re chilling at the cafe! *slow clap* amazing right? Curious, aren’t you? Check out the few shots I was able to take during my visit 🙂 

This isn’t really a review of the place, I just fell in love with it that’s why I decided to post something but if you’re curious about the food –  though I didn’t really mind their menu – the food was good, there’s also another surprise *haha* They’re like connected to Handuraw (if you’re not familiar, Handuraw is a known pizza place in Cebu and they also have a variety of food to choose from), so we ordered sandwiches from Books & Brews Cafe but we chose to order the drinks from Handuraw menu that they displayed at the counter. If you choose to order from Handuraw’s menu they will charge you 10% add on for your bill (I don’t know if that already changed but last time when we were there that was the rule).

I feel like I’m promoting this Cafe *haha* Anyway, they also host lots of different events mostly literature inclined activities. You can checkout their facebook page for announcements. I actually plan to join some of the events there soon, hopefully I’ll see you there!

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