Book Mail: Giveaway Prizes + Birthday Gift!

DESIGNS BY THEIA @designsbytheia

You probably saw this from my previous posts but I just wanna include this here because this is an unexpected mail. I won this from a giveaway on instagram. I thought I’d only be receiving one magnetic bookmark, but they gave me two! And a discount code as well which I just recently discovered, but I didn’t use it, it’s probably useless now. I won this by posting my favorite book quote, I used Tessa Gray’s from the Infernal Devices “Life is a book, and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.” The other bookmark they sent me contains a quote from Six of Crows which is a favorite of mine too!!!

JM de los Reyes

This one I won (again) from a giveaway. I wanted to win this because I thought that the poem would be printed through a typewriter, but I’m kinda disappointed because it’s just something printed out from a modern printer. Still, I love this poem of his because I personally chose one from his collections. Also, I love the frame, who am I to complain?

PANDAM PH @pandamph

Let’s talk about these pretty ACOMAF inspired bookmarks! I love it so much. I forgot how much this is but I think it wasn’t expensive at all. I love the quality and the printing and how minimalistic it looks but you know who is who. This is probably my favorite of all the book marks I received.

The following cards however were a surprise from my best friend, it was a day early from my birthday when it came and I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY! I love every quote in the cards and of course the quality is good since it came from Pandam Ph too. Hopefully I find a multiple frame for all these soon. 🙂

That is all for my overdue book mail blog post. I know they’re not books but they’re book merch and I just have to post them. Follow and order those shops in IG if you’re interested. 🙂

Note: I am not, in any means, sponsored or paid by the mentioned shops.

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