UNBOXING: Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox – JULY Subscription Box

I know, I know. It’s been four months since I received this book and 1 month since this entry has been sitting on my drafts. I’d still like to welcome you guys to my long overdue subscription box HONEST review. This won’t be very pleasant but I just have to say this.

I noticed that my birth month always features a creepy or scary books or movies but that didn’t stop me from getting my box from Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox Subscription box especially when they mentioned that it’s gonna be a hardbound book. They also know that it was my birthday, so they generously sent me a birthday gift! The owners of this brand are really accommodating and kind, if I have to rate them, they get a perfect star from me.

Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox is a monthly subscription box that features a different new released books per month including lots of book merch like scented candles, drawstring bags, book marks, etc. They also post the theme for the next month and reveal some of the items and collaboration with other local stores that makes us book readers excited!

For the month of July, the theme is Stay Alive and I’m so excited for the hardbound book and ACOTAR-inspired merch they promised.

What’s inside.

What I love. The latest B&W version of their logo. Does that count? Well, it counts for me. I think it’s way classier than the previous one. As usual, I LOVE THE CANDLE! It smells so good!! It’s probably my favorite after the personalized ACOMAF-inspired bookmark (lovelene bookmark) that I had laminated just last last week. I think I’ve come to like the hardbound book because I’m planning to read it this November, because I still feel like reading creepy books this month. I also like the House of Furies inspired art print and sticker. What needs to improve. I was absolutely disappointed with the ACOMAF-inspired pouch and book dragon tote bag. I’ve mentioned from my previous review of Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox that they should improve the print quality but it didn’t. You could notice it on the photo below. I was also confused why they included the hunger games sticker, hunger games necklace since hunger games is old news. There are a lot of things they could include or books they could inspire merch and they chose hunger games. I hope they should consider the time relevance of the products they decide to include. I also didn’t like the quality of the house of furies and hunger games inspired bookmarks they printed out.

Thoughts. I decided that I won’t order another box anytime soon because I realized that I don’t know what to do to the merch that I received. I know that some are for collection but I think I would rather spend my money on books than on bookish inspired stuff. Although the suspense is fun but maybe I have too much expectation from a local box and I kept comparing it to the international sub box I see on social media and that’s just unfair. So I would stop now and spare my wallet and feelings. But who knows? Maybe I’ll order another one, I don’t really know but that’s it for now.


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