SKIN CARE ROUTINE: Less than 10 Steps!

I know it’s not just me, it feels like everybody’s been obsessed with skin care!!! I remember one of my very old blog post to one of my many blogs (I changed blogs several times over the years! hahaha), it was my experience with a derm clinic and I tried their product. I followed it up with another post about chocolate and milk mask, that was 3 years ago after that I never really made it a priority to take care of my skin, I only do it when I’m in the mood.

I used to have flawless skin, even when I was still enrolled in a physically and mentally demanding course (imagine the stress, caffeine, and sleepless nights). Pimples were never an issue with me until late 2017 but I am fine now and we could save my acne story next time.

These are products that I currently use that helps my skin heal from the blemishes and keeps it glowing, some of it I started using last December until now (February 2018).

M O R N I N G  R O U T I N E

I usually wash my face first (like I could skip this step? haha), then I would apply my toner, then the aloe vera gel, then my serum, then moisturizer and lastly, sun cream to protect my skin from the sun. I usually leave the product on my face around 30 seconds to one minute or until I feel like it already dried (usually I wait til I don’t feel the aloe vera on my face anymore) to let it absorb first before I put on the next one.


Cosrx low ph good morning GEL cleanser

2. toneR

celeteque HYDRATION

3. Nature republic aloe vera soothing gel


Power 10 formula WH EFFECTOR with arbutin


olay all in one fairness day cream



N I G H T  R O U T I N E

There are days that I just don’t feel confident enough so I apply some make up on, therefore it means I have to use some make up remover first before washing my face because I learned the hard way that cosmetics won’t be completely removed by merely washing it with soap. After that I follow these steps, they’re slightly different from my morning routine but not that much.


garnier soothing 2 in 1 make up remover

1. facial wash– Garnier pure active acne & oil clearing scrub

1.1 EXFOLIATE (+ Lip scrub) 

skinfood black sugar mask OR aztec clay mask

2.  TONEr

 cosrx aha/bha clarifying treatment toner

3. Nature republic aloe vera gel


innisfree green tea seed


5. MOISTURIZEr– olay all in one fairness night cream

I hope these steps and products help you and would be as effective for you as it is for me.


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