I’ve talked about this last year when I posted our 38th MIBF adventure, finally here’s the separate post I’ve been postponing for so looooong. I was looking through our photos when I realized that I had so much fun and I would never forget that first trip out of town with friends, it was kinda out of the blue weekend getaway – well not really since we’ve booked our ticket earlier in July for the MIBF, but to think that the semester just started then we had our fun fun weekend lol – we wanted to play tourist-y  so our initial itinerary (excluding MIBF) would include museums and tourist spots that didn’t really turned out exactly the way we planned it, which made it the more fun.


Our flight was really late then it got delayed so we played Uno at the airport while waiting although halfway through the (seemingly endless) game I got sleepy already.

We stayed at the Executive Hotel Manila, but before we booked an uber we had to get some burgers from Wendy’s first because it was around 2 am and we were so hungry.

We woke up at around 6 I think, then we went to the nearest McDonald’s which was just a walking distance from the hotel and from their we booked an uber to finally experience the supposedly amazing book fair.

We had to find the original Fullybooked branch at MOA to pick up our tickets for the Manila International Book Fair. It took us a while and the unending bag inspection in every entrance at the mall was getting really annoying. The book fair was held at SMX Convention Center, we ended up buying books, it was pretty heavy and my new shoes caused me bad bad blisters (as in, grossly looking blisters ewww) that I had a hard time walking. I almost couldn’t walk, that was the moment I promised myself to never wear something that’s not one size bigger than my real shoe size.

We had lunch at this pizza place after we went shopping for books, this is the only photo I had for our lunch (didn’t even include the food, really nice) cause [again] we were sooooo hungry. After our lunch we went back to our hotel to get some nap, apparently we were cranky the whole morning probably because of the book fair haha. This is where our misadventures begun, read more about our experience in my 38th MIBF blog post. 🙂 We spent the afternoon at the divisoria to check if there was anything (alright, useful and nonsense everything) we want.

Second day was all about the ups and downs. I mean, literally ups and downs. We arrived at Enchanted Kingdom the exact time they opened so we didn’t have to wait and the line wasn’t long too but the thing is, there’s no stopping the sun from burning. It was so hot! I don’t think one bottle of water was enough, but it didn’t stop us from riding the rides and looking for good backgrounds to shoot though.

I feel brave most of the time but this semi long drop wasn’t one of those moments, so pass for now.

Every time I see this photo, I regret buying it. I’ve realized for so long that I am not really into ice creams so there was no reason to not share this one with my friend. I could’ve saved myself from spending more, I only ate maybe half or less of this cup then I left it cause I went to ride the Roller Skater with Feb haha (Could you spot us on the photo? haha)

Guess the only prize I won from “Fishing” ? Ice Cream. huh.

The second major misadventure was when we stood in line for the Rio Grande Rapids. I’m sure Janine would never forget the surprising shower she got from that ride as much as we did. It will forever be engraved in our memory HAHAHA. A little backstory, among the three of us, Janine tried the least number of rides because … well it’s her story to tell haha anyway, for the one time that she said yes (okay maybe she didn’t really said yes, but she stood in line so..), it was the ride that got us reaaaaaaaaaaallllyyyy wet. It was an honest mistake on our side because we didn’t know what that ride was about, we just stood there and waited our turn until we saw that people getting off those round seats were all wet haha After that we went for Jungle Log Jam (photo you see below) for another ride that got us even more wet, just because…

It was a long day at the amusement park, we had lunch at the EK Restaurant, I lost my mom’s bangle bracelet, my friends wasted their money on some carnival games (well at least they won little prizes), I got chased by Zombies!!!!! thrice!, we got dizzy riding Up Up and Away (so weak hahaha), I survived the Vikings ride (I could still feel my soul floating away from my body), my shoes got wet (and it never really dried) and my friend rode the bus back to the city with her jeans wet. That didn’t end there, while we were riding the bus, my friend was dying to pee, the problem? we’re stuck in traffic, we’re sitting at the back most portion of the bus where the aircondition is directly on top of our heads, we can’t adjust it cause it’s broken and we are still far from the city. It almost didn’t end well but finally we were near our stop, then again there’s traffic (hello, Manila) so we have to get off from the bus and pee at the nearest gasoline station, and that my friend was how we saved our day.

That night, it was just me and Janine left at the hotel because Feb had to sleep in the streets because she got Janine wet from that Rio Grande Rapid ride, just kidding. It was such a tiring day that an episode of Phineas and Ferb was the perfect way to rest.  We saved the best for our last day, a visit to Intramuros! Ever since grade school I wanted to visit historical spots everywhere in the world, lucky for me my friends are also into it,  so off we go travel through time…or disaster.

Intramuros was how I pictured it, actually no, it was better. I loved the historical spots and even the guards were wearing the old uniform that the guardia civil used to wear.

It started when we wanted to tour on our own using google and internet but when we got there, there were “tour guides”, at first they were talking to us in english language, but they’re obviously Filipinos. We had the impression that they thought we were foreigners, it was probably my straw hat’s fault, it was so touristy hahaha plus my friends are chinitas and chinito, and we were also kinda speaking in english because we’re Cebuanos, so speaking in tagalog sounds awkward for us. So these “tour guides” were giving us price range and instructions for the tour even though we haven’t really hired them yet. I don’t know who started talking but we finally told them that we’re not foreigners. Turns out they thought we were Thailanders whoops!

This is the very known Book Stop Library where anyone could read books for free!!!!

Where are the misadventures then you ask? We had no idea as well until it was time to pay our tour guides. At the beginning of the negotiation, they told us that they would give us discounts cause we’re students. The price for the tour is Php 350.00 per pair for the 30 minute tour, there were two pairs of us. The tour would include the historical sites from their “brochure” guide. We rode their pedicab from one place to another, when we got to Fort Santiago, they told us that they’ll just wait outside and for us to take our time so we did (took our freakin time). We finish up our self tour at Fort Santiago around 12 noon, we even skip some of the parts there (still breaks my heart to leave that place without exploring every corner). When it was time to pay, the tour guides charged us Php 2,800.00 because unknowingly our tour took so much time. There was actually a miscommunication between both parties, we thought that the 30 minute tour was fixed that whether you visit all the sites or not the tour would end. Which was not the case, so they were kinda using some deception and we were fools lol okay so that was one lesson a traveler should learn: clarify everything before jumping to any activities.

After that slight misfortune that was inevitably stressful, we needed something to cheer us up and Sunnies Cafe seemed like a good idea (it was!!!). Milkshakes and all day breakfast? who would be able to keep their pout on their face when your mouth is already drooling over this. Our last stop before we went to the airport was McKinley, the little venice everyone are talking about. It was a beautiful scene to end our weekend there.

Wow, that was a pretty long post. If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you for your patience HAHA So that ends our misadventures, but you know looking back it was those unexpected and unpredictable things that made our trip perfect and unforgettable. I actually learned a lot from those experiences which would hopefully help us be better explorers in the future.

I guess the greatest stories ever told are the ones with misadventures and misfortunes with the right people. 



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