7 Things I learned from my 7 years of College

1. Time is not something we should be afraid of, it is something we work with

Ever since I stepped on college, I always thought of time as an enemy. I have to work twice as hard all the time because time is running out, I have to sacrifice some aspects of my life because I have to keep up with it. The worst moment was when I thought that I was literally just standing still while time is way ahead of me, time felt so real as if I could physically hold it. And that was my mistake because it shouldn’t be that way. We should be the master of time and not a slave to it. I guess taking control of you spend it makes living easier. 

2. Knowledge without a heart is nothing.

I’ve met people, intelligent ones and they really are amazing when they start conversations or getting involved with friendly debates or just a casual discussion with them becomes really refreshing with the mind. The thing is, it’s our nature to be curious or possess that thirst for knowledge that we become so focused on taking information after information that sometimes we don’t notice we have elbowed the people around us or that moment when we only ever focus on the written rules without thinking that we’ve hurt or affected others through our actions. I’ve learned that it is much more fulfilling when you learn something or share what you know while not stepping on other people just to prove you’re smarter or better than them. 

3. Art is what makes knowledge beautiful and meaningful.

Following the steps from 1 to 10 is a good thing, doing things on how it should be from point A to point B isn’t wrong. But it never hurt to think outside of the box for a moment and add a little personality and sincerity to the information we provide. I believe that love is a masterpiece and putting your heart into discovering science is what makes it more purposeful and genuine. 

4. People work at their own pace. People heal in their own time.

I used to ask myself why it’s so easy for others to just go on with their life after something bad happened to them, why some people who left seemed okay after doing it like it doesn’t even bother them? It made me feel like something’s wrong with me, that I am such a loser for holding on to these people and these things longer than I “should” have. But who the heck said that I should only feel the hurt and the difficulty for a month or 3 months? That doing longer so would make me look weak? I think we are so focused on comparing ourselves to others and making these rules that doesn’t even have basis only adds difficulty and heaviness on what we are dealing instead of focusing our energy and thoughts on acceptance and how to make one step forward from our downfall. 

5. It’s okay to be competitive, as long as you are competing with yourself.

I learned that to be competitive against other people would only bring oneself more frustrations and disappointments. Maybe it will give you a bit of a satisfaction when you win over other people, but how long will it last? It’s only gonna be a short time until another person would surpass your abilities and knowledge. So be competitive with yourself for the better. Always aim to be a better version of yourself.

6.Being on the other side of the ideal does not mean something is wrong with you.
Yes, finishing college after 4 years is ideal, but that’s all it is. An ideal. Most of the time, especially in the perspective of the Filipino people, the ideal becomes the official standard. Don’t get me wrong, if I had it in a different life I would’ve loved to finish college for 4 years. That was the dream after all, but in certain unexpected circumstances, that didn’t happen. As I encountered different people, professionals really, I heard their story and I didn’t expect that they too went to a similar situation as I did, and their story taught me that just because I did not go through what is expected of me means I am a failure. 

7. It’s never too late to make new dreams and start new goals

I don’t think it’s wrong to change my mind, but I’ve always had difficulty in accepting the fact that I’ve changed my mind, you get what I mean? It always feels like changing my mind equates to giving up and I never wanted to hear that I’m a quitter. But as I finish college, looking back  to all that I’ve been through, I realized I’m glad I didn’t give up, I’m thankful for actually finding the strength to keep going even if it doesn’t feel like I’m going anywhere, even if it feels like starting again is exhausting cause in the end, you’ll always have somewhere to be if you don’t ever stop moving forward. 

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