Book Mail: ARCs and PR Package


I did not expect this one from Penguin Random House International!! If you haven’t read it yet, I posted a blog tour about The Beauty that Remains few weeks ago. When I was invited earlier this year for the blog tour, I requested for an eARC but I didn’t noticed I already received it on my kindle but the very generous and kind PRH family sent me a physical copy which I mistakenly thought an adavance reader’s copy, it turns out it’s actually the official published book! I am so so happy, I couldn’t thank the PRH International enough. It came in the mail just days after the book was released.


The Beauty that Remains was actually one of the books listed as Must-Read YA of 2018!

This book was sent by Elise Kova! If you didn’t know, I first fell in love with her Air Awakens series and I’m hoping to fall in love with this one too. I was fortunately been one of the 100 members of her book followers that was given a chance to receive this book to review.


The Seeker ARC is something I won from a giveaway years ago but then it never game, I already told myself that I wa a victim of scam [HAHA] but here it is, months (or maybe a year) after knockong on my door. The other ARC is I’m guessing an apology offering because of the super late book mail. I don’t really mind, they’re books that need to be adopted.

Overall, I am just so happy for this chance of receiving these beautiful babies and writing for them and about them! Especially now that I feel like I have so much free time (if not, I always make time for it). I’ll be posting my reviews for this soon!

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