31st Annual PAPJA Convention

Have you heard of PAPJA Convention? If you’re a psych major in the Philippines and you’re not familiar about it then shame on you, haha kidding! It’s not like I’m so knowledgeable about it myself, but I have heard from the previous batches that it is one of the most prestigious events/conferences in the careers of psych major individuals. It was only when I was at the actual conference did I truly appreciate the said event.

Here’s a short step by step on how to participate on the convention just to give you an idea!

The screenshots posted were all taken by me. 

The payment for the registration started late 2017 in our case, I don’t know about other schools. This year the payment was Php 700.00, each ticket covers entrance into the convention for one person, and a Participant account on the PAPJA website, which will allow you to enlist in the available workshops.

Early January, the PAPJA delegates were provided a code for the PAPJA account, each participants have a unique code together with an email reference. We’re supposed to use the code and the email to register in the PAPJA website here: http://www.papja.org.ph/register/ 

After the registration you’re gonna have a chance to choose just one workshop you are gonna list into for you to attend on the second day of the convention. Usually the workshops are held at the campus of the school hosting the year’s convention. For this year, it’s the DLSU’s turn to host.

My friends and I decided to enlist on the workshop Emotional First Aid: The Psychology of Healing and Moving On. Also, one of the things you should remember when choosing and enlisting to a workshop is that you only get to enlist on one and apparently there’s no way you can undo your choice.

It is also important to take note of the time of the workshop and familiarize yourself of the presenter’s/professor’s name just to avoid being on the wrong room. Speaking of which room your workshop is held, it would be given after the closing ceremony in the first day of the convention.

DAY 1 

On the day of the event, we were told to be at the SMX Convention at around 5:30 am because there would be a very long line, and it didn’t disappoint us. Although there were some problems on our part because our school representative who was assigned to claim our tickets for was late, on the brighter side they fixed it and  we were still able to have a decent seat.

A draw string bag with PAPJA logo on it, a conference ID, a membership PAPJA ID and a booklet is included in the kit you paid for which will be given together with the ticket.








There were 8,000 estimated PAPJA delegates who participated in the convention from different Colleges and Universities nationwide, and although MOA was big, most restaurants were easily full so we ended up eating at a Greek place, then we had some yogurt for dessert!


Finally! Our favorite part, the forum that we personally chose.  The forum was very informative and something we could really use in real life, it was also interactive. Ideally, it must’ve been amazing if only we were not that sleepy haha so when the professor asked everyone to participate during one of the exercises, my friends and I were excited because it involved closing our eyes and we badly wanted to do that for days hahaha

I met a lot of different people, heard their stories and shared my own, I think this is one of the most unforgettable thing I’ve ever experienced. I would never regret choosing this forum. I hope that when any of you decides to join the PAPJA convention, you’d also experience and learn a lot from other people that might become your colleague in the future.

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