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This feels like the other side of my PAPJA 2018 blog post, these are actually the in-between moments of our convention trip to MNL. This is also the reason why we lack sleep during that trip and how our faces look tired and sleepy in almost all of our photos haha

We arrived at MNL on a Thursday morning, the convention opening is still on Friday so we had time to walwal ! We had a tentative itinerary this time compared last year so that we could save time deciding where to go next. The moment we arrived at the airport, we found ourselves facing a challenge *lol* talk about planning ahead, like I said we arrived early in the morning that’s actually around 2am, the problem is that our airbnb is still not ready until 2pm, we kept searching  cheap hotels near the airport so we could rest for a bit until we could call our airbnb owner and ask for an early check-in (which we should’ve thought ahead of time but didn’t. #humanerror) but every hotel that’s worth for a few hours were fully booked. We ended up eating breakfast at the airport and spent our time complaining how sleepy and tired we all are until finally 6am arrived then we called our airbnb!!

We decided to sleep first then went to our first stop: Divisoria!! It was crowded, duh. So most of my energy was already wasted there, then we decided to visit Quiapo Church. We also bought necklaces, bracelets and small statue of the Black Nazarene which I gave to my mom as pasalubong. It was time for dinner by the time we arrived at Harrison Plaza so we ate there then found some very affordable Korean skin care products! My heart happily spent money on sheet masks. I really thought we were going home after our short shopping at Harrison Plaza but it turned out that we still have a last stop to cross off our tentative itinerary: Star City.

I have to tell you, there’s not much energy left of me when we got there, but we paid for the unlimited rides thing so I tried some of the rides although I was quite disappointed because I find it a bit boring and small. Plus, I was almost cranky because I was already soooo tired. We went home around 11pm then I have to do my skin care routine (because no matter what, I save 10% of my energy just to perform my ritual haha), so I believe I slept around 12:30 then woke up at 4am because we have a call time of 5:30am in the morning for the opening of the PAPJA convention.

We just went home after spending the whole day at the convention center, but before that we can’t miss SUBWAY sandwiches and fairytopia dessert Custaroons! Later that night we decided to have late night pizza party since the Day 2 of convention starts at 8am, so that’s not too early that we can’t stay up late, so we order Domino’s Pizza, the funny thing is the airbnb we booked doesn’t have a telephone haha who would’ve thought telephones are still useful nowadays? haha We have wifi yes, but Domino’s doesn’t have an online order thing, so we had to go to the guard house to borrow for a phone, luckily Domino’s had this promo where you only have to add Php20.00 the you’ll have another box of pizza!!! (that got wasted because we couldn’t finish it).

I just have to include these photos that although blur, it’s one of our favorite among all the group photos we had at that time. It was so random that a stranger who just passed by asked if we needed his help to take a group photo haha

We started another of our squeezed-in lakwatsa after the forum we attended at DLSU.  The first thing we did was leave our luggages at SM Aura baggage counter where it was safe. Then we had lunch at Lugang Cafe, a taiwanese restaurant at SM Aura where I believe we were mistaken as Koreans because the staff would usually say Xie, Xie when guests are leaving but on our case she said Xie, Xie then Kamsahamnida, that’s still a funny story I’ll always remember hahaha just like what happened at Intramuros last year when we were also mistaken as Thailanders. I believe it’s the outfit hahaha. We also (or maybe it was just me?) spent some time eating the free samples of food at the little food bazaar they have there. Then we went to BGC to visit the most beautiful Fullybooked branch then played a little game wherein we have to find at least five beautiful graffiti wall before our time runs out haha I don’t think we succeeded but we ended up going to McKinley again since we still have time before our flight back to CEB.

It was the most tiring trip I ever took haha only because I lack sleep and I felt like my body was giving up on me haha but on the brighter side (as always), it was a fun, enjoyable, productive and very educational trip. I don’t think I’d be able to attend another psychology related conference any time soon.

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