Crazy Things I think About

Maybe I want something with a little bit of both? The kind where it is easy  because we both want to work on fighting for the same thing, not fight about the same thing over and over again. 

I had this crazy realization that loving and being in a relationship doesn’t really go together all the time. Maybe you’ve figured it out long before I did, but I just thought of that now so whatever. I also had this crazy idea that maybe there really is no right or wrong kind of relationships, maybe it really just depends mainly on our preferences. You see, I’ve talked to people, and when asked about relationships some would say that relationships are something we work on, they don’t just roll easily and voila! #relationshipgoals, they say you have to work on your differences and that’s how compromise comes in or sometimes they call it acceptance or meeting halfway, however you call it they say it is something you consciously work on, something you fight for. But there are also those people who describes relationships as something that comes easy, they’re usually the people that uses the phrase “we just fit, like a puzzle piece” or “he/she is the missing piece I never thought I was looking for.” So I wonder, what kind do I want? Will I know beforehand or is this the kind of thing I’ll only figure out until I’m right there and I have to say yes or no? Will it feel like a struggle or will it feel like breathing fresh air after suffocation? Maybe I want something with a little bit of both? The kind where it is easy  because we both want to work on fighting for the same thing, not fight about the same thing over and over again. 

There’s one more crazy thing I thought of. Usually when asked about acceptance or loving someone, people would say that we should accept a person’s good or bad side. But I wonder, how about the parts of the person which is neither good nor bad, but it is undeniably just part of who they really are? What about the parts where maybe for you it is good (or bad) but for that person, it is normally just who he/she is? I mean, why do we neglect the little things then color it black and white, then we ignore it for now and later realized that we shouldn’t have done it because now it’s affecting the whole relationship? Later we complain why he/she isn’t like this or like that? Aren’t those the parts of her/him that wasn’t really bad or good, it’s just there, it’s just who he/she is? It’s all just questions, I don’t really have an answer so if you’re reading this and you’re hoping to get something from it, I’m sorry I don’t offer answers that’ll change your life. As what I said early on, these are just crazy things I think about.

Good night, but if you ask me I’m gonna tell you a little secret, the part of me that is neither good nor bad: I would prefer someone who accepts me not just on my polo shirt days but also on my crop top ones. 

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