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Last last week, I stumbled upon the WordPress Events/Announcement on my dashboard about Wordcamp, I was so surprised that it’s gonna be held in my home city of Cebu! I had NO IDEA what it was but according to their page all web developers, artists, content creators, and bloggers are welcome to go. So I invited myself to it, unfortunately, the tickets were sold out but still, I joined the waiting list. Just a few days after, I received an email from the wordpress team that 5 slots were just recently opened so I grabbed the opportunity and paid Php500.00 for the whole event.

The event was held at Bayfront Hotel, and registration starts at 7:30 am. I thought I’d be the first one there cause I was so early since I have some errands to go to, but then people were lining up already. Maybe because they posted something about the workshops having only limited slots. I was selfish and greedy so I registered to ALL available workshops.

There were 15 presentations, including 2 workshops. They also emailed us a link of the code of conduct, that is why I was a bit confident to attend since they stated there that everyone was welcome. They instructed all the people who were planning to join the workshops to bring their own laptop.

During the event, it ended up that there were only few people attending the workshops, some even didn’t register but they were able to attent. So, I don’t know what happened. I wish I didn’t made an extra effort to be there early haha

The schedule was printed behind our name tag so it was easy to check what was gonna happen next. There were unlimited coffee, water, and snacks throughout the event. The workshop won’t start until around 10:30am if we follow the schedule, but the workshop started around 11 already. There were some delays from the earlier speaker. The hall for the workshop is just across the function room of the seminar/talks. I did not understand a thing when I was listening to the talks. I was clueless and bored to death, and at that point, I was impatient to talk to anybody and tell them I don’t freakin understand a thing. I mean yea that was a lie. I understood some of it but it was technical, I needed the basics just to catch up to them. They were talking about SEO and whatnots. Absolutely not my thing. I was gonna give up, but I still tried. I looked around the place, until my eyes fell to this girl standing alone at the back. She looks really familiar, naturally I went up to her and introduced myself. We talked and became instant buddies at the event (I swear I wasn’t creepy at all, we went to the same University, hence, familiar face).

Finally, it was time for our workshop. I enrolled in WordPress 101: The basics of creating a website using WordPress. I wasn’t able to connect to the WiFi, so I gave up and listened to the speaker instead. I thought I knew nothing about WordPress blogging, but everything she was discussing, that, I already know. I mean, what is wrong with me? the title of the workshop itself screams beginners, and I’ve been using WordPress since 2007 and maybe even before that. At that point, I already gave up. I told myself it wasn’t worth it, I’ll just eat my lunch and go.

But, low and behold, just before it was time for lunch things got really interesting. The speaker was leaning to topics that I haven’t explored in WordPress and tricks I could use to optimize the website. I stayed, and then the next speaker was even better. He was my favorite speaker, very engaging, informative and not boring at all. I actually learned A LOT of things. The only downside to it was that the plug-ins and all the things he mentioned were something that we needed to pay for. I was hoping he will teach us something that won’t be too expensive for new bloggers or bloggers on a budget.

To be honest, I was very intimidated to attend an event on my own, without any friends there, and to attend an event I am so clueless about. Turns out I did enjoy myself, I met new amazing and interesting people, and most importantly, I learned something new.

To know more about WordCamp, you can visit their facebook page or visit their website here.

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