7 Books I Changed My Mind About

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older everyday or maybe my taste just changed but I am currently at this stage in my Reading Life wherein I look at some of the books I used to love, enjoy and worship so much then suddenly feel a twinge of disconnection to it. Worst moment is when just by looking at the book cover makes me shiver. Okay that was a bit dramatic. But you do get my point right? One of my best friends always say “people change, feelings fade” I never thought that could be true when it comes to books.

So here are 5 books that I used to love but changed my mind about. Some of these books were my favorite, some, I only have a friendly relationship with, but all of them feels really different to me now. Like I am looking at them in a brand new light and I don’t like what I’m seeing.

By the way, there may be a bit of spoilers ahead. Just a teeny tiny bit.

I used to dream of finally completing the books of this series (I actually did). The title is very luxurious, the cover is very classy, the plot setting was classic, I mean what else could you ask for? Did you read the synopsis? Mysterious and scandalous. Just my type at that moment of my life, but I tell you what, even if I am still at that moment of my life where mystery and scandal was my thing, I would still change my mind about this series. It just feels like the author and I aren’t in good terms because I absolutely disagree with her. The author was telling me that nothing is going on between Henry and Elizabeth, so she shouldn’t have made me feel like there was something from the very beginning! I just, I can’t…alright. I mourn for something that could’ve been. I don’t know, maybe the author was just denial of her feelings or maybe she was bitter against their relationship but she does everything in her power to go against their love story. wtf. This shouldn’t be a big deal but that was how she wrote their story, I just.. I give up. This is the only book/series that made me read spoilers and join book discussions even though I was still in the second book of the series. I drowned myself with facts of what was happening in the 3rd and 4th book. They tell the same ending.

Oh, I remember the glory days, that was the age of the booming and rising of the YA era. That was also the year of dystopian novels. One of the most popular and most anticipated book series at that time is The Selection. It gives a modern day Cinderella vibes. What I realized about it though is that America is a confused young adult who does things according to what is beneficial for her at the moment, she is so good at being annoying and Maxon is a typical rich guy who was lucky enough to be born a Prince so they start this Selection where he could freely flirt, kiss and do whatever to whoever he wants. The worst part is, they extended the spoiled and brat side of the royals when they released The Heir.


To be honest, I kinda forgot 60% of the plot but I just remember that I liked the 2nd book the most. I also remember having really high expectations about this series because of the cover and hype around the book. I find the main character, *checks at goodreads for the name* Kestrel, very intelligent and Okay, I don’t remember exactly why but I know she was a strong and *supposedly* wise character but the plot and pacing was just slow, it was full of “strategizing” for the war, I guess they do it to make Kestrel seem very smart. But nothing really happened during the war, I mean I’ve read other books and their war is bloody and long and detailed and difficult! This is more, romance over war. Also, I remember myself thinking that there was a moment where it was crazy fast for the two characters to fall inlove with eachother without proper transition of what was happening.

The luxe series

Another very popular series, another heartbreak for me. I admit that I was never that into sci-fi, but this particular series is so loud and making noises in the bookish community that I couldn’t help but get excited myself! In addition to the peer pressure from my co-readers and bookstagram citizens, I love the concept of each characters of every book as Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Evil Queen and others. The thing is, I find it very childish, dragging, easy plotting and unnecessarily long. There was too much “twist” just so the author could prolong a scene that doens’t need to be long.

I hate it. All those Santa Alina nonsense. What is freakin wrong with the world? It’s a good thing Leigh Bardugo went all out in the Six of Crows because this? this series is a trash. I would also want to highlight how unclear and confusing the role of the Darkling here because I always felt like there was some attraction between Alina and the Darkling and then there was none because apparently they just *poof!* defeated the darkling.

I loved this book. The first book left me wanting more, but then the rest of it ruined it. If I remember correctly, it was the worst on the finale book because Aldrik was practically useless at all. They should’ve been fighting and strategizing this whole time, but no they all just look up to Vhalla and waited for her instructions. In short, everybody were just decors in the entire time. Everything just revolved around Vhalla and her decisions, whatsover. So annoying.

Surprise! I saved the best for last because just like the rest of the books mentioned previously, I have all copies of this series in Hardcovers, plus paperbacks in a different edition. I absolutely and irrevocably loved this series, is what I used to believe. Not anymore.

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